"We’re in totally different locations. You’re at an awards show, saying ‘Lovely to meet you. We’re in a show together, apparently. You’re really good!’"

natalieroleplays whispered: "Why are you down on one knee?"

Alright, this might not have been all that well thought out. Clint was and always would be a risk taker, but for once he found himself wishing that maybe, just maybe, he’d thought this through a little bit better. She’d denied dating him for years because he’d surprised her with it, so what was he thinking springing this on her too? Fuck. It was too late to go back now. “I thought about it all day on my mission and I bought the ring this afternoon. I couldn’t wait to ask. I had this big thing planned out planned out for next month, I mean big, but you know me I’m too impatient and that was practically forever.” And he’d made it worse by rambling, shut up, Clint. Oh jeeze, he hadn’t even asked the damn question yet. “I love you more than anything, Natasha. Will you marry me?” There, now it was out there, and again his heart was in the palms of her hands but this time, despite his bumbling over the words, Clint had faith that she would say yes. Or if she didn’t at least he didn’t make an ass of himself in front of a hundred people.  




they are the ultimate actors, continuously placed into different societies where they take on false identities, their own name irrelevant when it comes to their work. they get no recognition, and most remain a secret so that their own life is not put in jeopardy. their ability to blend into the background makes them the most dangerous of foes, and their bloodlust matched with their intelligence keeps them at the top. with secrecy comes power, and spies hold the ultimate advantage on the battlefield—and yet are almost always pawns to some sort of higher power.

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